Planes have been around for more than 100 years. The first modern helicopter first flew over 80 years ago. For the last 60 years engineers have tried to combine the advantages of both but currently only the V-22 Osprey is in production. The Elytron 2S will be the first to deliver an aircraft that can take off and land like a helicopter but fly with fixed wings at speeds unattainable by
helicopters all with greatly reduced complexity and cost compared to any existing tilt or rotary wing aircraft. After 10 years of research into convertiplane wing and lift design, a box wing design with central prop-rotors was chosen providing aerodynamically clean vectored thrust.


Gregory Bruell

Gregory Bruell - CEO & Co-Founder at Elytron Aircraft

Greg Bruell spent 26 years in the software industry as a programmer, technical leader and executive. He has always had a passion for VTOL and realized that the time was ripe to build a convertiplane. After building a quad-copter with his son he also had the epiphany that the state of the hardware and software industry today has advanced to the point that fly-by-wire control can be done economically enabling flexibility in convertiplane design in a way never before possible. No stranger to the startup process, having participated in several venture capital backed companies, he researched the state of the VTOL industry, teaming with Oliver to build a plane.
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Oliver Garrow

Oliver Garrow - CTO & Co-Founder at Elytron Aircraft

Oliver Garrow has spent the last decade addressing the challenge of conceiving the optimum convertiplane, and, since the first napkins drawings in 2002, has invented, engineered and patented 4 flying proof-of-concepts, called Verticopter #1,2,3,4, each new generation improving on the previous one.
By using real-world flying test beds with electric UAVs and accurate computer simulations, this relentless effort has led to the conception of the optimum aircraft configuration, now re-branded Elytron, which is now suitable for commercial developments.
Oliver has an extensive experience in electrical engineering, semiconductors, software engineering, embedded systems and aircraft systems design. Not yet a real-world pilot, he has however "logged" hundreds of hours of simulator flight and testing time.
Oliver hold multiple degrees in engineering, such as a BSEE and a MSCS in electronics, software, computer sciences, electromechanics and control automation, from 2 leading European universities.
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In 2013, Garrow Aircraft formed Team Elytron by enrolling help from top aerospace professionals and turned its R&D on the patented STOVL Verticopter® work into a commercial aircraft family called Elytron.
The designers of Elytron have proved their concept through extended flight testing of scaled UAVs, launched from runways
at Moffett Field, CA. This testing included all CTOL, STOVL and VTOL envelops, as well as full-size airframe modeling and CFD simulations.
Team Elytron has conducted over 10 years of research in the challenging field of efficient convertiplane flight, has simulated various airframe configurations through detailed


For the last 10 years Oliver Garrow has led a volunteer effort to design an economical plane that can take off and land like a helicopter. A Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) or convertiplane. Many designs were tried in simulation and by flying models:
Now Elytron Aircraft
has been formed to build it. ELYTRON 2S


Aircraft Views
Elytron 2s Verticall takeoff and landing
Aircraft Views
Elytron 2s Verticall takeoff and landing
Aircraft Views
Elytron 2s Verticall takeoff and landing


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